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PostSubject: ~Twitch/Barron~   Sun Oct 27, 2013 12:35 pm


Gender: Male

Species: Riolu

Level: 20

Moves: Reversal, Copycat, Force Palm, and Brick Break (tm)

Alignment: Good/Evil not Neutral. (I'll explain later in the app)

Job/Role: Wild Pokemon/Potential Rescue Team Member

Team: N/A

Offsets: He has one red eye and one blue eye and the steel bumps on his arms are black.

Personality: Twitch has two personalities. Twitch is almost always active and Barron takes over periodically when Twitch is scared or angry.

Twitch is usually shy and a bit timid. He tends to stay to himself. He hates to hurt others unless they're already hurting someone else. He's not a great fighter and is easily bullied. He wants to make friends but is afraid he may hurt them. (Good)

If Twitch becomes scared or mad he loses control and Barron appears. He can fight it but it's rare. When Barron feints or is extremely weakened he turns back to Twitch.

To sum it up in one word, Barron is destructive. He loves to cause trouble and fight. If Barron is active he can be seen stealing, fighting, vandalizing, and destroying other pokemon and objects. He's rude, harsh, and speaks stridently. (Evil)

(Now do you see why I put Good/Evil instead of Neutral?)

History: Twitch was born in the mountains. At lvl 7 his friends started a rescue team together and invited him. They did some petty missions and had fun. Then one dat while on a mission his team stumbled upon a Charmelion. This Charmelion was cruel and began attacking the team of level 7-10 pokemon. Twitch remained until the end and watched all his friends fall. He became scared and angry. Then something odd happened... He blacked out.

Unknown to him, this was the first time Barron appeared. Barron mercilessly pounded on the Charmelion, eventually killing it. He went on a rampage, challenging every pokemon in his path until he feinted.

When Twitch awoke to see what he'd done he left, retreating to Mt. Ishi where he currently resides, afraid of himself. He lives alone and is hoping to made a friend that's powerful enough to keep him under control.

Other: To evolve into Lucario, Twitch must make 5 friends (cuz Riolu evolves with friendship) and go to evolution cave, where he will face Barron in a battle. The winner will become Lucario and the loser is permanently suppressed. The actuall battle will take place in the place where their minds meet.

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PostSubject: Re: ~Twitch/Barron~   Mon Oct 28, 2013 3:52 pm

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