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 Doe Manayn

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PostSubject: Doe Manayn   Sat Jun 14, 2014 12:56 am

Manayn the Doe
Gender: Female
Species: deerling
Level: 20
Moves: camouflage, double kick, hidden power, rest
Alignment: neutral
Job/Role: grave digger
Offsets: she is emaciated; her bones show clearly through her fragile frame. She never sheds her spring coloration, which is a lighter pink than normal; almost white. Her floral tuft is mostly gone, and her eyes are very sensitive to sunlight.
Personality: Doe, as she refers to herself, is not fond of others. She fears her natural tendency to kindness will be the death of her. Still, one cannot get through their life never meeting anyone. And so she has chosen to be rid of her emotions. She is an apathetic, hollow shell of a pokemon, enjoying little in life and actively avoiding the outside world. She is fond of the idea of death; the root of all her fears, and what pays her debt to society, at least in her mind. she doesn't let it show, but this morbid creature that has walked sites of morbid contemplation of her, she is a child mentally, having limited her experience with the world. She is herbivorous, but she is fond of the taste of blood and flesh. She is always lonely and although she avoids company, she is fond of it dearly.

History: She could never really pick her parents out from the rest of the herd. Blind to daylight and too tired to stay up past sunset from traveling, she made few friends among the deerlings and sawbucks. She was always a sickly little one; the taste of grass bored and disgusted her, and she ate more often from the trees. Deaths were frequent in the herd, as females were left behind on the migration route to care for their eggs if they could no bring them with the herd. No one had a name. No one lived long enough to need one. It was a very large herd anyway, and it would only cause more grief if everyone expected to be known by name and to form relationships around names.

  Many times, carnivorous pokemon would attack the herd. Many times, some of the elder and younger prey pokemon were killed. If they were near the front of the herd during a stampede, they would be tripped over by other deer pokemon, and cause further grief. Doe was curious of everything. She wanted to know what deerling tasted like. She took a bite out of a fallen sawbuck once, just to wonder what it would be like to be a houndour. She was pleasantly surprised. The meat made her very sick, though, and in a tightly packed herd, secrets cannot be kept.

  She was exiled from the herd, and has been living in falmious town ever since, under the name 'Manayn', or, wrath as it translated, for she was the first of her herd to be given a name, and this was what she was to be known as by her herd. The doe of wrath.

Super Move(s) Torpur(rest); Doe is now asleep. When she wakes up, her health will be somewhat restored, and her speed and attack will increase. While asleep, her defense and special defense is sharply elevated. This does not always heal status conditions, but has a chance to dispel poison if the effect is present, or to lower bad poison to it's simpler state. Poison does not do damage while she is asleep.
  Scentless(camofladge): changes Doe's type temporarily to ghost/dark. If odor sleuth or related moves are used, her type reverts to the state it would be in if she had used camouflage.
Ultimate Goal Fursona of me. Also, I just really love my morbid characters, although if there's a taboo against anything here I'll change it. Sort of an import from Sverige and a few other sites.

Pity though, how LOST she must feel...

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PostSubject: Re: Doe Manayn   Thu Jun 26, 2014 9:37 pm

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Ryth Lunar Knight

Ryth Lunar Knight

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PostSubject: Re: Doe Manayn   Sat Oct 11, 2014 5:09 pm

I don't see why not;

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PostSubject: Re: Doe Manayn   

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Doe Manayn
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