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 Team Warp

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PostSubject: Team Warp   Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:05 pm

Team Leader(s): Gaffey The Monferno
Team Flag:

Team Rank: N/A
Team Members: Gaffey, Yuki(maybe), Zero (maybe) Cinder (maybe)
Team Base:
The tree house in which Gaffey spent his life waiting for his parents that would never return.
The bottom of the fort is a large trunk that is incased in vines and other nature items what is unseen is a door that leads inside the large tree that is hollowed out and leads to the top also on the bottom are vines that are tied all around the bottom of the actual base this area is used sort of like Gaffey's playground and also a look out post for him and other climbers it's also his sleeping chamber.

The top is what you think would be a normal tree top full of lush leaves what you can't see is the large base behind the leaves inside the leaves is the base a wooden shack of sorts that has a trap door in the center of the room that leads to the stairs in the hollow trunk the base is equiped with a living room (Aka a room with beanbags   blankets and games Gaffey made up.) there is a area in which to sleep on the roof of the base that is also covered by leaves but you can still manage to see the setting stars and moon the top is coated with a thick layer of blanket and pillows that Gaffey tied to it. back in the base there is a kitchen a small one but with plenty of food and water also in that kitchen to the left of it is a balcony in which a telescope is implanted for extra view of the surrounding area. last but not least is the exit that is on the top of the base tied to two poles on both of the ends of the top tied to the poles are rope that lead to the bottom of the base but also there is a hook on the rope that is there for one reason....to zipline down to the forest floor waiting there is a large rock that when you push over holds sacks that are full of food and water also there is a area to put the hooks so they can be returned to their orginal spot.
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PostSubject: Re: Team Warp   Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:10 pm

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Team Warp
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