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PostSubject: Ylvis(WIP)   Sat Nov 02, 2013 3:42 am

Gender: Male
Species: Fennekin
Level: 20
Moves: Ember, Fire Spin, Flare Charge, and Psybeam.
Alignment: Good
Job/Role: Rescue Team Member
Team: He's pretty solo, and has yet to join a team.
Offsets: Ylvis's teeth are a sort of shiny yellow, and his eyes are green. Ylvis also carries some odd mask on his back constantly.
Personality: Ylvis is a pretty laid back guy. Easy to hang around, easy to pal about with. Ylvis is a fan of entertaining, loving to make people laugh and smile. He's a pretty great singer, and knows his way around dungeoning, persuasion, and battles. He's kind of deterred by flirting or physical contact, being rather shy in actuality, but can easily hide it behind a mask of calm. He's great at appearing calm in situations.
History: (A brief background of your character.)
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