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 Louise the Purrloin

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PostSubject: Louise the Purrloin   Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:43 am

Louise (“Famous Warrior,Queen”)
Gender: Female
Species: Purrloin
Level: 20
Moves: Swagger,Assist, Shadow Claw, Grass Knot
Alignment: Good
Job/Role: Rescue Team Member
Offsets: A completely normal Purrloin, she prefers to walk on four legs instead of two
Personality: Louise is a rather happy Purrloin that has a tendency to be insanely reckless in battle. This is because she believes that everything in battle is solely based off of luck and doesn't believe in her own abilities whatsoever. She is very quick on her feet and moves around non-stop when excited or nervous. She's very happy-go-lucky most of the time because she believes that luck is with her (She seems to deny any failures saying it’s just a mis-step and that her luck will come straight back) She's very self-conscious though, when it comes to talent, as she believes she's completely talentless. That doesn’t make her stupid though, even if she isn’t a genius she approaches life much more cautiously then she does battle. While her partner is always rushing into things without concern, she knows when it’s time to stop and think.

.History: Like Adam she lived a normal life with her parents. She met Adam on a windy day, so she now considers windy days good luck days. She was the one who came up with the idea to form the Kitty Crusaders, “to make their pranks official” she says.

Team:The Kitty Crusaders

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Louise the Purrloin
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