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 Iracebeth the Braixen

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PostSubject: Iracebeth the Braixen   Sat Apr 19, 2014 12:05 am

Iracebeth “irascible”(ee-RAS-a-BETH.)
Gender: Female
Species: Braixen
Level: 20
Moves: Physic, Hidden Power(Ghost),Round, Flamethrower
Alignment: Neutral
Job/Role:Rescue Team Member
Offsets:  Beth is a mostly normal Braixen, except for a few key differences. Instead her ear fur coming out in tuffs that stick right out, the red locks instead fall gently down to her lower back in curly waves. Beth spends a good portion of her morning to get her hair this way so if she has to rush somewhere without brushing her fur it’ll revert back to its original state. Her tail is longer and less poofy than normal ( though this is mostly natural it still takes a bit of grooming to get this way) and she has a heart marking on each paw that glows when she uses Physic. Lastly she’s slimmer than normal because she barely eats(Something that Mira is trying to fix, but no luck so far).
Personality: Beth was always known to be strange. That might have something to do with the fact that she never really lets on much about herself. She is very untrusting of others and does everything on her own, refusing to ask for help when she may or may not need it. As a practitioner and near expert in witchcraft, Iracebeth is capable of wielding many spells and has a great deal of knowledge in the field. Due to many of these spell requiring chanting and/or dancing Beth has gained a talent for performing, though she’ll only show off her talents when she believes no one is around to hear or see. She’s very self-conscious about her appearance and spends a few hours getting ready each morning. Anyone who tries to see her before she’s ready will find flames in their face. Being honest to a fault, Beth has difficulty with "being nice" and often isolates herself due to a cold take on the world. Beth is cold-hearted and sarcastic most of the time, preferring to let Mira do any talking should it be necessary. She can be intimidating when she wishes to be, but at the odd time has been known to expose a more vulnerable side. Kindness is not something she gives out freely. She is also much more volatile and harsh towards others of the Fennekin line, mostly females, behaving stiffly and hostile around them. She can mildly tolerate the presence of a male, so long as he doesn't pester her. Otherwise, her interactions with other fire foxes are relatively short-lived.  
History: Beth grew up in a family of witches and warlocks and was declared a prodigy at a very young age, eventual surpassing all of her siblings. Once she evolved Beth’s parents decided that it was time for her to leave home to continue her studies on her own. For a long while she wandered aimlessly from town to town, never staying long, though her loneliness eventually forced her to seek out another pokemon. She met Mirana when she spotted her floating aimlessly through a pond after she had picked up on her presence by using Physic. Beth approached the rabbit, said hello, then regretted her decision and ran back into the forest. Unfortunately the Lopunny gave chase. Though she diligently tried to lose her in the trees, she always managed to find her no matter what; eventually Beth begrudgingly allowed the bunny to travel with her. They arrived in Falmious Town not too long ago and Mira, after much begging and pleading,convinced her to stay for a while.
Team:Alice in Wonderland(“Wonderlanders”)
Super Move(s) Witch’s Bane- Beth begins to chant, casting a purple glow around herself. After a few moments purple tendrils will sprout from her target’s shadow and wrap themselves around the pokemon. The all of the target’s stats are reduced to the lowest level for three posts. After the three posts Beth suffers the same stat dropping effect for the rest of the battle.


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PostSubject: Re: Iracebeth the Braixen   Sat Apr 19, 2014 3:28 am

So that Beth doesn't risk becoming overpowered I've limited it to things that don't involve battling. Most of her spells involve lots of preparation and time so most of her witch craft is for more out of battle purposes. Her skills include, but aren't limited to, teleportation, talking to spirits, tracking, and general illusions. She has a few battle spells but they all involve her moveset somehow, like her manipulation of shadows(Hidden Power) and levitation (Physic). She also uses general fire spells in battle(Flamethrower). I might think of some more stuff later but for now that's all I got.
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PostSubject: Re: Iracebeth the Braixen   Sat Apr 19, 2014 3:43 am

That would be so cool! We should totally do it!
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Sugar Cuddles

Sugar Cuddles

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PostSubject: Re: Iracebeth the Braixen   Sat Apr 19, 2014 3:53 am


Have fun seeing the dead on the site. There is a lot of options for that cx

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(Note: The purpose of this is to make it easy to remember their name ^u^ )
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PostSubject: Re: Iracebeth the Braixen   

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Iracebeth the Braixen
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